About Bury Pride

The Walking Rainbow was first started by the youth group Proud of Gayness (POG) and Bury youth Cabinet supported by the LGBT Foundation, Bury GMP and Bury Council in 2013.

The youth groups supported by Children’s services, brought together the Council, GMP and other local partners to stand against discrimination and to celebrate diversity.

The Walking Rainbow Parade was the first in the country to have all faith leaders speak against hate crime and discrimination and was a great success.

The parade set off from Bury Town Hall, travelling up The Haymarket, Moss Street, Silver Street and along the old Rock before heading to Kay Gardens.  

The Walking Rainbow took place every year in July, until 2016 when Bury Council’s LGBT Employee group, supported the group to integrate the Walking Rainbow Parade into a full-scale Pride Event, which then took place in the April of 2017, with an extended route through all the landmarks of Bury Town centre, including Bury Market and the Millgate.

The Employee group and the committee with POG ensured that the Walking Rainbow Parade was an integral part of Bury Pride and is the cornerstone of the event attracting over 1500 to walk through Bury Town Centre.

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